Perfect for Families! There's no better way to grill steak, seafood, or vegetables right at your dinner table with your family! With SizzleStone™, your outdoor / indoor hot stone grill creates a TEAM approach to cooking your meals and enjoying time with loved ones. Even your teenagers have fun and look forward to family dinner night when it’s time to cook steak, vegetables, or seafood with your SizzleStone™ hot stone grill!

Perfect for Date Night! Guys and girls, want to add some Sizzle & Spice for that special night?  Then SizzleStone™ is a must have! Enjoys hours of fun at your place together while you and your date prepare to grill steak, vegetables, and seafood on your hot stone grill! With SizzleStone™, you can grill steak, seafood, and vegetables on your indoor / outdoor hot stone grill.  SizzleStone™ promises the perfect ambiance for grilling steak, vegetables, and seafood to ensure your date night has plenty of Sizzle & Spice!

Perfect for Entertaining! Your SizzleStone™ indoor / outdoor hot stone grill brings the perfect blend of class and elegance to your dinner parties!  Whether its girls night out, or a large group of couples or friends, your guests will enjoy a fun and interactive dining experience with our hot stone grills that promise long lasting memories for everyone!

Unlimited Tasting Palate! There are unlimited spice and sauce combination's to use when cooking on your hot stone grill.  Whether you’re grilling steak, seafood, or vegetables, SizzleStone™ lets you sample tastes from around the world with every bite.  When cooking on your hot stone grill from SizzleStone™, sample flavors from Asian, to Cajun, to Cuban, to Moroccan, or simple Salt & Pepper. Your imagination has no boundaries when using your SizzleStone™ hot stone grill.

SizzleStone™ is the New Fondue!  Unlike traditional fondue preparations, every bite can be uniquely seasoned to sample tastes from around the world! 1st bite Asian; 2nd bite Cajun; 3rd bite Cuban; 4th bite simple Salt & Pepper - you get the idea. When hot stone cooking, you can sample the world's flavors over the course of one meal!  Only SizzleStone offers this truly unique dining experience. Become a SizzleStone Chef today!